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Horror Movie Maniacs

Apr 3, 2021

We talk through one of Peter's all time favourite films - the 1981 John Landis horror comedy An American Werewolf in London. We go through many bits of behind the scenes trivia about the making of the movie, as well as discussing the characters, story, music, and absolutely stunning special effects by Rick Baker. Peter gets a bit self indulgent because he was born as it was being filmed and Phil tells some tales of his own childhood experiences in the North of England that were quite similar to things that happen in the film! Join us for a lovely stroll on the moors but stay on the road - and beware the moon ...

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David Naughton's Dr Pepper Commercial

Another Dr Pepper Commercial

Film critic and director Alex Cox's BBC2 Moviedrome intro - July 22nd 1990

Peter's American Werewolf in London Spotify playlist